by John Smith

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released December 20, 2011



all rights reserved


John Smith Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Voices
She hears voices can you hear it. Look at her eyes i’m listening. It speaks to me. Come into my head. Left the dark to feed. I hear voices speak my name. Speak my name. Now take me away. Speaking in the closet it’s a dream. A step towards the vaseline case. One small step for sanity. I’m still here. In your blood. In your mind.
Track Name: Woman
Hanging woman in the town of confused. Burning woman in the town of accused. Hanging mother in the town of confused. Burning mother in the town of accused. Filthy widow by the red sea. Widowed by the red see. Distorted woman widowed by the red sea. Filthy woman. Mother’s words haunt me in the night. She burns these words. She burns.
Track Name: Selfish
Felt inside. You brought back the past. Feeling outside for all to see. To see me. What i want. I will take. What’s mine. It’s mine. Feeling raw, been in the circuit. Feeling rotten controlling the board. Feeling lost in circulation. Lost translation to say it was right to leave, to cease this opportunity. I’ve been saved. I’ve been down. Saved.
Track Name: Fades
When you know that there’s no time. Her device fades. She claims. She claimed. Mirror refrain. Mirror frames. Hanging forward. Among isolation. Appearing amongst the disappearing. Hanging backwards among isolation. Appearing its nature of beast. She wears my clothes she speaks her name. Wears her mask across my face. She wears my face. Wears my fate. She knows my name. The waste. The conceded. The blame. The conceiver. The image. The defeated.
Track Name: Flu Season
She’s the devils left with the dirty smile and you wonder why she plays in limbo. New years isn’t the same with that torche inside. She nailed her feet to the floor to stay inside. It’s at his right with the dirty face. And you wonder why she plays with herself. She stands at my doorway. It has that cold touch. It has that old disease. It has that hermit foot. It has that old disease.
Track Name: Altered States
Outreached hand in hand living for today. Imitate domestication living it away.Hypnotized hysteria awaits. Guilt ridden torn. Masochist born. Removed reputation laying on the altar. Thanks and praise defective praise. Give praise! Hypnotized-thrown to snakes pressed on plates. Sodomized-awoke on ice at the wake. Capitalize-sitting ducks wait on stakes. Realized-fortune spinning teller’s plates. Drowning under the water. Drowning under the superstition. Conceived while being carried on a cross. Conceived carrying out a fortune. The mass. The equinox. The mass.